October 1, 2015

Who Will Accept the Challenge?

So many challenges in the course of one's life. The challenge to survive through the challenge to thrive. It's what makes America the land of opportunity because if you can accept the challenge, any challenge, it makes you stronger and wiser. And, if you are the victor in the challenge, it will make you want to go further in your quest for the ultimate potential in your world.

This blog's world has a singular focus; maximizing your association experience to its full potential. In some case, I hope i could help the entire association one HBA at a time. 

Today, I am very pleased to have the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) Membership Committee Chairman, Sherry Schwab, as our guest blogger. Sherry is a builder member from the state of Washington and one of NAHB's "Faces of Excellence" in her leadership role. To sum up Sherry's mission; to help you increase membership. It starts with NAHB providing the tools to help each local association think about and then institute membership drives. The value of increased membership cannot be overstated. However, as I begun this article, sometimes it takes a direct challenge to move you from cruising along to burning up the freeway. Sherry Schwab wants to know...

"Who Will Accept the Challenge?"

All year, the NAHB membership committee and I have been issuing a challenge to anyone who will listen: Build our Membership.

We’ve asked that members, across the board, issue challenges to each other to significantly grow our membership. It doesn’t matter if you bring in just one member or many. The important thing is that every local, every leader, and everyone in the industry gets involved!

Sherry Schwab
Think of it this way… even if you bring in only one or two members, that’s one or two more than if you hadn’t gotten involved at all.

Why did YOU join in the first place? If it was good enough reason for you, why not share the benefits of our federation with potential members? The reason you joined is the same reason others will join: networking, advocacy, industry education, the list goes on… Share them!

It’s not all talk… getting involved with the Membership Drives and recruitment at your local can get your association some CASH MONEY. Spikes, and even new recruiters, can earn up to TRIPLE Spike credits or even win a full-expenses-paid trip to the International Builders' Show®.

But we need YOUR help.

I really want to get 100% of the federation involved so we can reach as many potential members as possible.

This year in conjunction with the national membership drives, I asked for you to issue public challenges to each other to grow membership and we had some pretty exciting competition happening!

·        The BIA of Clark County and Olympia Master Builders of Washington are calling it their North vs. South competition: The winner will have the greatest percentage of membership growth in October. The loser will have to wear the winner’s BIA attire at lunch during the March meetings. The losing team will also have to provide a trophy to the winning team! I can't wait to see who wins!

·        The Tallahassee Builders Association challenged the Hernando Builders Association to bring in a minimum of 20 NEW members who have not been members before! The winners get a nice framed certificate. Isn't that some fun competition?!

Make sure your local association is signed up to participate in October for the 2015 Fall Membership Drive. Take action on recruiting new members, because members are what makes our federation strong.



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