November 25, 2015

A Time to Reflect...

Thanksgiving has always been a time for family, friends, food, football and drink. Those of us who are fortunate to enjoy the day do so in the warmth of a good home built by a builder with the materials and services needed to construct coming from associates.

There are others we need to think about as we enjoy our day and I would ask all of you to take some time and reflect on what you have and say a prayer for those who are not in your shoes on Thanksgiving.

Let's remember the people who won't be home on Thanksgiving;
  • our military
  • our firemen who are on duty
  • our police officers who are on duty 
  • and so many more professions that work to keep us safe
Let's also remember those in need;
  • the homeless
  • the unfortunate men and women who are unemployed and can't provide for the holiday
  • those with illness and can't take part
  • those who are spending the first Thanksgiving with a loss of a loved one
  • and the rest who just can't be with those they love
 We need to keep everything in perspective and cherish the moments we have with those who matter in our lives. Just remember to bow your head in silence on Thanksgiving and truly say thank you for your world and offer prayers for all. We are blessed to live in the United States; let's make sure we truly are aware of what we have.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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