November 19, 2015

To Brand or Not to Brand; That is the Question

The answer is obvious......

In this case, I am referring to the importance of connecting with the mark of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  A company's logo is just one element of its brand, but it is important for us as members to show our connection to NAHB. I would ask that you, the member, add the member of NAHB logo to your business card. Let potential customers and existing customer know that you are a member of a national organization that strives for successes in our building industry. 

Local and state home builder associations (HBA); make sure your website and membership marketing materials carry the NAHB logo displayed along side your respective logos to showcase the three tiered membership. The NAHB logo is just the start as the brand conversation can only begin when you identify with the total membership one receives by joining.

Personally, I am proud to connect with the NAHB brand. To me, it is very important to make sure that those "in my world" know that I am a member. It helps with opportunities that I can hopefully turn into business down the road. I would suspect that most, if not all members feel the same way I do. I would also suspect that local/state HBAs would want to magnify their own brand with a national boost. We are all connected; I say let’s do some bragging!

To utilize the NAHB logos, if you're a member in good standing or an affiliated local or state HBA, please click here for logo usage agreement and then get started.

For the member
For the local/state HBA

To utilize the NAHB logos, and you're a member in good standing or a chartered local HBA, please click here for logo usage agreement and then get started. 

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