February 18, 2016

In Two Weeks... Bringing Housing Home!

'tis the season! No, not Christmas but "Bringing Housing Home," which truly is a celebratory time in our industry. We, as members of our respective local home builders associations, meet with the lawmakers of America. Our congressmen and U.S. senators. the federal legislators need to experience the face to face discussions of what affects our industry, good or bad. They need to hear how we all have people who we have responsibility for, such as family, employees, co-workers, employers. We also have responsibility, in varying degrees, for the home buyer and home owners, making sure that housing is protected and affordable. everyone I just mentioned is a potential voter and every one I just mentioned who votes brings other votes to the table. 
From the National Association of Home Builders; "Bringing Housing Home Legislative Conference is an opportunity for members to have in-district meetings with their U.S. representative and senators. These meetings, especially important in this presidential election year, are critical to enhance relationships with our elected officials and to showcase the economic benefits of the housing industry. The 2016 Bringing Housing Legislative Conference takes place March 7-11. At that time, every NAHB member is encouraged to meet with their U.S. representative and senators in their home offices and talk to these federal lawmakers about the pressing issues that affect your business and our industry.
While the House will be in recess during the week of March 7, the Senate will be in session. However, we anticipate opportunities will exist to meet with your senators in their home districts during this period."
If not us, then who would you suggest fight for our industry? I know here in my state we are diligently working to set these meeting dates for that week. I can't sit back and let others speak for me when I am the one who pulls the "lever in the booth." I need to make sure my voice is heard because I won't let others do the work for me, not as long as I earn a living in the great industry.
Now my question is very simple; won't you join me in this cause?
If the answer is "YES" then here is the link that will help you "help you;"  

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