February 11, 2016

NAHB Chairman of the Board, Ed Brady

The Chairman of the Board for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has tremendous responsibilities and takes a lot of time away from business and family. It's a love of our industry that drives our builder members to the pinnacle of association leadership. The chairmen I have known over the years have that one quality that unites them; protecting our members. The men and women who have led NAHB all have left their mark on our members' destinies.  
Our 2016 NAHB Chairman of the Board is cut from that same cloth and carries the trait I have always admired in true NAHB leaders, local, state or national; our industry, first and foremost. I am referring to Ed Brady, this year's Chairman of the Board. Ed has done so much for our association and all for the betterment of us, the NAHB membership.  
Ed's biography can be read by clicking here and it will give you a better read on the man who I call friend, teammate and visionary. 
Ed, thank you for taking the time to "speak" to our readers.

Chairman Brady's Message to the Federation

As NAHB’s 2016 Chairman, I’m looking forward to working with members throughout the federation this year to improve the business environment for home building and move our industry forward. Perhaps the most effective way to do this is to ensure that our elected officials appreciate housing’s importance to the nation’s economy and their constituents’’ well-being and are aware of our perspective on important housing issues. We will have a great opportunity to engage our current elected officials through “Bringing Housing Home,” our third annual in-district legislative conference, which is scheduled for March 7-11.
Ed Brady, Chairman of the Board, NAHB

During a House of Representatives recess that week, we are encouraging all NAHB members and HBAs to meet with their representatives and senators in their home offices to discuss issues affecting the home building industry. Even though the Senate will be in session that week, we anticipate that members will have the chance to meet with their senators in-district during this period as well.“Bringing Housing Home” has been hugely successful in the past two years, and we’re expecting another very productive event this year. 
I urge members to reach out to your elected officials, remind them of housing’s importance and emphasize the crucial need for housing-friendly policies. Everything you need to know about participating in Bringing Housing Home 2016 is available at bringinghousinghome.com. With the election coming up in November, it is also essential that we impress our key priorities on the presidential candidates as well as the people running for state and local office.

Our senior leadership team is reaching out to every presidential campaign to have face-to-face discussions regarding housing policy.  We hope to take advantage of a competitive election — when policy makers are most receptive — to move our agenda forward and ensure that they make housing a priority in their campaigns.  

Another significant effort this year will be continuing the fight against excessive and overly burdensome regulations. Imposed by government at all levels, these rules touch on every aspect of our business, from the environment and housing finance to labor policies and more. Residential construction has made significant headway since the depths of the Great Recession, but we must put the brakes on excessive and ineffective regulations if we want to keep the momentum going.
In addition to working with legislators and presidential candidates, we will also work with regulators, meeting frequently with officials from HUD, the EPA and other federal agencies to demonstrate why excessive rules can harm our industry, our customers and the greater economy. And if it becomes necessary, we won’t hesitate to go to court to facilitate policy change.

We do all this because housing America’s families is a tremendous responsibility. Creating a home is a complex job, and harmful regulations and misguided laws only make it more of an uphill battle. With rational, cost-effective and realistic measures in place, our whole sector can move forward.  We’re going to do everything possible to make that happen. 

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP