April 14, 2016

Jump Start Your Personal Business Brand

What is a personal business brand? Well, in simple language, a business brand is how people view your company. A business brand is also valued for its "attractiveness," how your customers and potential customers feel about the company.
A personal business brand goes to you, the individual. It's based on how you package YOU, how you are viewed and your "attractiveness" to those in your world.

Our last five issues of Association Maximization focused, based on my opinions, on the optimum ways to build your networking value in the eyes of your peers. One of the great ways to self brand is by how knowledgeable you are by the information you can provide and the influence you can wield. The absolute best way to accomplish that is through... public speaking.

Public speaking can be in front of as many as 500 plus in an auditorium or as few as a handful of members within a committee meeting. Some people are naturals at public speaking and most will range in spectrum from apprehensive to "I'd rather die!" In fact, to prove my dramatic point, the number one fear people listed; public speaking. Number two fear? Death. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once remarked' "to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy."

So if this is the case, why would I bring up public speaking as the ultimate way to personal business branding? If performed correctly, it will absolutely set you apart from your competition and people will naturally be drawn to you as well as your talks inspiring others. 
The word "correctly" is the key, descriptive word

Why should you want to at least try public speaking?
  •  The ability to communicate effectively begins with one on one conversation. The ability to mass communicate begins with understanding that you have multiple points of view listening so in order to get your point across, in a meaningful way, you may have to change your approach for each occasion.
  • Public speaking is your vehicle to mass exposure. It helps people in assessing your professionalism. They will base their assessments on your knowledge, your passion, your commitment and the clarity you bring to your talk. This is where leadership opportunities take shape, whether you are conversing with co-workers on a project, volunteers on a committee or, taking it to the next level, talking to a group where future business opportunities may emerge.
  • The more you speak publicly the more confidence you will accrue.  Just make sure you have someone, or a few someones, who can give you constructive advice. Everybody needs somebody to help them with feedback.
  • Anyone who wants to have varying degrees of success needs to conquer the communication hurdle, and there are many hurdles. Each hurdle you jump, however, will get easier and more fulfilling. 

Over the next few weeks I will be outline the best ways to begin your public speaking career at the HBA, including the "hows" and "wheres. My opinions are just that; my opinions. I have enjoyed over thirty years of membership in our federation and a very good portion of that time has not seen me shy away from a microphone. I thoroughly enjoy public speaking, but trust me, I was all nerves my first several times. If I can help just one person with these upcoming articles I will be thrilled.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP 


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