May 13, 2016

The Talk

"We'd like to welcome up to the podium..."

Well, it's time. Preparation has been completed and now... it's all you. All eyes are on you, all ears are open and receiving your words. Words, that if delivered correctly, will dramatically expand your circle of influence. 
What does that mean, "delivered correctly?" Talking is the only thing you need to do, right? Think about people you are engaging in a one on one conversation. 
  • Lack of eye contact? 
  • Speaks in monotone?
  • Run on sentences?
  • To fast?
  • Doesn't enunciate?
  • Low talker?
If these are all traits that most people would hate in a one on one conversation can you imagine those traits surfacing in a talk en masse? 
I'm not suggesting you make eye contact with everybody in that room. I am advising you to pick out four or five people that are spaced out where it looks like you are doing what your supposed to be doing; giving a group talk. Look them each in the eye, lingering for only a few seconds which will be enough to establish the "personal touch."

  • Bring passion to your talk. Going through the motions gets you through the talk but the message will be forgotten as soon as you give your closing. If you want to elicit a certain response provide the response for the audience through your own emotions.
  • Well placed pauses will give the audience time to digest what you just said as well as time for you to set up next point.
  • Slow down! Let people hear your message, absorb its meaning. It's not a race to finish it's a well traveled journey.
  • Speak clearly and powerfully, speak with commitment and speak with total confidence. You are the bringer of information, you are bringing your well researched knowledge to the group.

Next week, the closing and then the beginning.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP 

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