August 27, 2016

September is a Great Month for NAHB!

Summer 2016 is over and with it comes the end of my hiatus and on to new articles that could hopefully maximize your association experience. As has been tradition, the current NAHB Chairman of the Board starts off our September for a special message to our two-thirds membership. Ed Brady is a home builder and developer from Bloomington, Ill. A second generation home builder, he is president of Brady Homes Illinois, one of the largest home building firms in central Illinois. The company has developed 20 residential communities throughout the state, built more than 1,800 single-family homes and developed more than 2,000 single-family lots. To read Ed's full bio, please click here.

Ed, take it away... 

Ed Brady
Associate members are critical to the success of the NAHB federation. You provide leadership, labor, energy and ideas that make the difference at the local, state and national level.
Just take a look around the next time you attend an HBA meeting or social event. If your association is like most of the HBAs in our federation, over half of the people you see will be associate members.

Among the ranks of associate members are subcontractors, sales and marketing experts, architects, interior designers, title and settlement professionals, lawyers, people in the financial services industry, product suppliers and manufacturers, and many more who are essential to the challenging task of providing housing for a growing population. You devote countless hours to your local and state HBAs, strengthening our industry in the process.
At the national level, you serve on and often head the committees and councils that direct NAHB’s course of action on numerous housing-related issues and concerns. Associates also serve as members of the NAHB Board of Directors, as members of the Executive Board and in other leadership roles. Some time ago, we amended our bylaws to add a National Associate Chairman to the ranks of our Area Chairmen. 

In recognition of the tens of thousands of associates who volunteer their time and services to NAHB and its state and local affiliates, we have designated September as Associate Member Appreciation Month. NAHB has always appreciated the dedication, enthusiasm and support of its associate members, and in the aftermath of the Great Recession, we have come to appreciate that dedication and commitment even more.

During September – and every other month, for that matter – I urge all NAHB members to get to know one another better, learn about each others’ businesses and when possible to do business with other members.

Our federation is strong when individual members are strong, and doing business with other members is a great way to strengthen the federation while ensuring that the people you work with understand the issues and concerns that affect your day-to-day operations.

Because associates are such an integral part of NAHB, we have established an award to acknowledge their importance within the federation. The NAHB Associate of the Year Award recognizes associates who have made outstanding contributions to their local, state and national associations and to the home building industry.

The Bill Polley BUILD-PAC Award recognizes the most outstanding associate member advocate on the local, state and national levels. It is named in honor of the late Bill Polley, a past NAHB Associate, BUILD-PAC Subcommittee Chair and member of the Associate Members Committee, who was a dedicated BUILD-PAC supporter and fundraiser.

As members of the home building industry, all of us — builders and associates alike — are committed to making housing a national priority. It’s not an easy job, and it’s not a goal that either builders or associates can accomplish alone.

We’re all in this together. And we couldn’t be in better company.


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