October 27, 2016

A Reminder I Wanted to Share

Today started off like any other day. I was up early, went into my office and started my day filling out a sales report, emailing "thank yous" to potential customers for opportunities, contacting current customers to make sure their needs are met and game planning my next week.
I then spent time at my state association meeting on matters of concern for our state building industry. While there, I poured a cup of coffee and sat down but I looked at the message on the cup, one that I must have read dozens of times before, and I thought to myself "this is what I do. I help to provide homes for NJ residents."
I then realized that the groups who are out there trying to slow down home building are hypocrites. They say no to homes being built yet they go home at night to a home built by a builder. 
I look around my own home and I realize my place in the construction of the home is not just providing building materials. The windows I sell, for example, will have a young couple looking through the glass at their children playing in their backyard, much like my window view provided me with my own family. Families will hang pictures, with very special memories, on the materials that I supplied. Christmas decorations will be fastened to the exterior of the home on materials I again supplied and the room the Thanksgiving meal will take place will have been constructed with my products.

My role is selling building materials but it is more important for me to realize that I am helping a family or future family form some of the best memories they will have in life. That's very rewarding to me.
I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this because if your reading this you are also a part of helping with family memories. I just hope you realize that your service or product is all part of a bigger picture. When you go home tonight take a good look around then thank a builder and every part of the builders team that delivered your home to you.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP 


October 20, 2016

It's Your Voice; Use It or Lose It!

Today's blog is very short but gets right to the heart of the message; go vote!

November 8th, 2016 is election day and with it, a new president and possible changes in congress that can change the flow of our lives as it relates to the home building industry.
As members of our National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), through all of our local home builders associations (HBA), we have a responsibility to our family & co-workers to make sure we vote. We also need to make sure that others in our circle vote as well. The home building industry is very sensitive to any national turmoil or change; it's not knowing the unknown that can make all of us at least a bit apprehensive. I don't personally care whether you are a conservative, moderate or liberal but I do care that you are at least a Houser, someone who cares that the housing industry candidate gets elected. At the end of the day, housing is what puts food on my table, a roof over my head and the ability to have choices. Everything else is just personal satisfaction that someone or something will make approximately 50% of the people happy. 

Voting in the United States is an honor and a privilege. Get to the voting booths November 8th and vote as if your career depends on it because it just may.

Let's listen to a message from 
NAHB Chairman of the Board, Ed Brady;

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

October 13, 2016

The 2017 International Builders Show Update

Today's blog is from our International Builders (IBS) Chair, Ann Garvey. Ann would like to give us an update with less than 90 days to go. She leads a great team of volunteer members and extremely professional NAHB staff all with this goal in mind; your best convention experience to date!

 The 2017 International Builders Show Update

Ann Garvey, 2017 IBS Chair
 BuildersShow.com continues to be the place for the most up-to-date details but I wanted to give you some insight, firsthand!
 BuildersShow.com is, as always, where you register, make your hotel reservations and find the most current information!
 Halfway down you will see a very important, actionable item that you'll need to attend to ASAP.

 Let's start our update with...

2017 NAHB Annual Board & IBS Basics
·         NAHB Annual Board Meeting: Sunday, January 8 – Thursday, January 12
·         IBS: Tuesday, January 10 – Thursday, January 12
·         Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), Orlando, FL, with meetings also taking place in the Hyatt Regency Orlando (formerly the Peabody Hotel)
·         NAHB Headquarters Hotel is the Hyatt Regency Orlando

IBS Housing
The cutoff date for NAHB members to register and reserve a room in their state/local assigned hotel block is tomorrow, Friday, October 14.  
If you have not yet registered and secured your hotel room and would like to stay in your state/local association’s reserved block please do so by tomorrow.  If your preferred hotel is not available when you go online and you would like to be placed on a wait-list for that property or another property that is currently unavailable please give Barbara Rapp the hotel name(s) in order of preference along with your arrival and departure dates as soon as possible at brapp@nahb.org.   

IBS Exhibit Space
With 13 weeks to go, we’ve almost hit 545,000 net square feet (NSF) with 2016 IBS total sold space was just over 500K.

Opening Ceremonies (OC)
Day/Time:  Tuesday, January 10, 8:00 – 9:15 am, doors open at 7:00 am
Location:  OCCC, West Concourse, Level IV, Valencia Ballroom
Theme:  75 Years of Housing in America
Keynote speaker:  Peyton Manning, Quarterback of the 2016 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos

IBS House Party (We are almost sold out!)
Day/Time: Tuesday, January 10, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Location:  Mango’s Tropical CafĂ©, International Drive, mangos.com/orlando
Highlights:  Open bar, complimentary appetizers (definitely hearty enough to make it dinner), music (DJ) and entertainment
Notes:  Tickets are $45 and may be purchased while registering for IBS or if you missed it the first time through you can easily log back into your IBS registration record (using your registration ID and last name) to purchase tickets.  If you plan to go, please buy your tickets ASAP.  You don’t want to miss this great networking event!

NAHB Meeting of the Members
Day/Time: Wednesday, January 11, 8:00 – 9:30 am
Location: OCCC, West Concourse, Level IV, Valencia Ballroom
Keynote Speaker: Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Mogul and “Shark” Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank
Highlights: All NAHB members attending IBS will be invited to this new event where they can grab coffee and receive updates on NAHB activities, the economy, etc.  NAHB members are asked to RSVP for this complimentary event while registering for IBS.  If you have already registered but haven’t yet RSVP’d for the Meeting of the Members and you plan to attend please log back into your registration record and do so. If you need assistance email Allie Seale at aseale@nahb.org.

IBS Closing Spike Concert
Day/Time:  Thursday, January 12, 5:00 – 7:30 pm, doors open at 5:00 pm and concert begins at 6:00 pm
Location:  OCCC, West Concourse, Level IV, Valencia Ballroom
Featuring: The hugely popular country music quartet, Little Big Town (littlebigtown.com)
Notes:  Tickets are $40 and may be purchased while registering for IBS.  Qualified Spikes and NAHB Directors will receive two complimentary concert tickets.  After the concert, shuttle transportation will be provided from the OCCC to all Official Show Hotels that are not walkable.

October 6, 2016

To Endorse or Not to Endorse?

That truly is the question...

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has the answer; YES! 
NAHB has decided that this election year, for congress, that they will endorse candidates for reelection. 
I say "BRAVO!" 
I took part in presenting an award to one of our top legislators in the country, when it comes to pro-housing issues, this past week and the congressman (see picture below) was thrilled to receive his NAHB award. When we, the Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern New Jersey (BRANNJ), explained to him that NAHB wanted to also endorse him publicly he was excited and very proud to have NAHB's, and the members in his district, backing.

NAHB Candidate for NAHB 2017 3rd Vice Chairman Dean Mon (left) and Michael Kurpiel, 2016 BUILD-PAC Associate Vice Chairman (right), presenting Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-R) the NAHB Defender of Housing Award

Rep. Frelinghuysen, and others like him who understand the value of home building, should be recognize for his "Houser" status and we should always fight to protect them during election years. 
Every state has a few legislators who will fight for the American Dream in Washington, D.C. and every member in those states should celebrate their "Housers."

Here is the national and local media endorsement: 

"The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) local affiliate, Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern NJ (BRANNJ), Names Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen a Defender of Housing

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-R) was honored on October 5, 2016 at the offices of SAX, LLP in Clifton, NJ by BRANNJ with the Defender of Housing Award, acknowledging him as forward-thinking federal legislator who recognizes housing’s significant role within the U.S. economy

“Rep. Frelinghuysen understands the key national issues facing home builders and remodelers here in the Northern NJ market” said BRANNJ president Don DiNovi, a builder member in Ridgewood, NJ. “The unfortunate effect of too much legislation and regulation is that it drives up the cost of housing, making it more difficult for families to afford a home.”

“Home building is by its very nature a series of productive partnerships: between the home builder and his or her client, trade contractor, banker or architect,” said Ed Brady, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a home builder in Bloomington, Ill.  “The Defender of Housing Award honors another very important partnership: our ongoing work with the lawmakers who, in many ways, create the blueprint for our businesses with their votes on legislation that define how our industry operates.”

NAHB created the Defender of Housing Award on behalf of the more than 700 state and local HBAs across the country that make up the NAHB Federation. These HBAs chose their nominees, and a panel of NAHB elected leaders chose the finalists. The awards will be presented throughout the fall months to recipients nationwide.

“No matter how an HBA chooses to present this award, each one represents a strong commitment to affordable housing, consumer choice and most importantly, the significant contribution that home building makes to the economy,” said Don DiNovi. “Homeownership is the engine that drives this nation, and the Defender of Housing Award goes to those men and women that enable more homes to be built."

Please share your success stories with NAHB so we can all share with the federation those who stand up for housing, for our careers, for our Nation's families and for all of our memories!