January 6, 2017

Another Run Around the Sun

What a year, what an ending what a chance for new beginnings.
2016 was a fierce year for politics, more so on the national level. Some would even say "nasty." I am one of them. After all that has been said, and all that has been done, we have a new president that will be looking to change America back into a business friendly, job creating and income enhancing country. If successful, President Trump will dramatically improve the housing market by the three items I mentioned. 
For everyone in home building, builder and those that help with the building process, this should make 2017 brighter. I'm looking forward to our "making housing great again" future.

I am also looking forward to our International Builders Show, starting next week in Orlando. There will be a lot of exciting news to report but two items, a new addition to leadership and a new tool for member recruitment and retention, are the items I'm very  excited about I will bring to you next week.

Short blog, I know. But I am looking forward to one more year publishing this blog.

Happy New Year!

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP


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