January 14, 2017

Congratulations to Dean Mon NAHB Third Vice Chairman '17

The road to success is a winding, hilly, detour filled highway. If you persevere you can navigate the road and if your patient, you will reach each stop along the way, eventually.

Dean Mon, an NAHB leader, has reached his next stop; the National Association of Home Builders' Third Vice Chairman position. Dean started his career at NAHB's national volunteer level in 1990 and has experienced many committee roster spots and quite a few committee chairman roles. Dean has served as NAHB state representative (NJ) and National Area Chairman (Area 2, NY & NJ), both multiple times and has been engaged on NAHB's Executive Board for a very extensive period of time. Dean has served as a BUILD-PAC trustee for as long as I can remember and he truly understands the DC connection to a successful building environment. 

Dean Mon and Michael Kurpiel
His 2014 campaign for third vice chairman was not successful but Dean learned a great deal from that experience and is a better leader because of it. The 2016 campaign was memorable as Dean traveled the country meeting members and executive officers and he listened very closely to what the grassroots of our federation are experiencing. The Great Home Building Depression of 2008 still lingers to varying degrees and Dean understands the locals and state HBAs needs. After all his years of experience and meaningful conversations and broad industry awareness, Dean is ready to serve our members and work towards a better future for us all.

Dean is now on the national leadership ladder, working with his fellow officers;
  1. Granger MacDonald, Chairman of the Board (Texas)
  2. Randy Noel, 1st Vice Chairman (Louisiana)
  3. Greg Ugalde, 2nd Vice Chairman (Connecticut) 
  4. Dean Mon, 3rd Vice Chairman (New Jersey) 
  5. Ed Brady, Immediate Past Chairman (Illinois) 
  6. Jerry Howard, Chief Executive Officer and President (Washington, DC)
This is a spectacular, highly intelligent team Dean has joined and all have the passion in their hearts and fight in their souls to work towards protecting the home building industry where we all earn a living and provide for our families. It takes a certain type of individual to dedicate their time, treasure and talent for all.

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Michael Kurpiel gives Dean's seconding speech

I have a dedicated this article to Dean because he is a very dear friend that is more like a big brother to me. He is also one of my past NJBA presidents and I'm very proud of him and our state for having Dean in DC.

Dean Mon's NAHB press release can be read by clicking here

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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