February 4, 2017

To Dues Or Not To Dues, Why Is This Even A Question?

I have been hearing some disturbing views on the value of bringing in new members versus generating more non dues revenue. It seems that the mindset has become that it's more profitable to generate non dues revenue than to expend time and resources on recruiting new members. Is this the chief culprit in membership numbers being stagnant?

The very reason for our home builder associations is advocacy. Yes, there are other reasons for an HBA but those reasons developed from the original. Networking at events is great and will generate non dues revenue. However, if legislation stops, stalls or slows construction, we will be lighter in the wallets. Members represent votes, votes give leverage in discussing housing issues with legislators. 

Non dues revenues generated by HBA sponsorships also are a seemingly fool proof way to raise profits. Warning; if you keep asking the same people over and over again for money you will eventually reach their saturation point. Increase in members gives you an increase in potential. 

The fact of this particular matter is simple; a good portion of HBAs are forgetting the core of our association. Membership dues are vital to our association. Membership increases are vital to how state legislatures and Congress view our industry. It is important to have financial stability, I absolutely agree. But wouldn't you agree that we need strength through numbers? 

Do not fall into the the trap of ignoring membership recruitment because it takes too much work with not enough financial return. 

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

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