March 26, 2017

Contested Elections and Other Thoughts

Random Thought #1
I have always been told that contested elections are good and I would agree. I believe when a person is running for office their passion is tested by a competitor. 
The same could be said for contested elections at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) level. Desire, commitment, an understanding of issues that NAHB members hold important and a working knowledge of the home building industry overall.

I get it; NAHB contested elections are good for the membership. What's not good about a contested election is that the contestants are pitted against each other and choices have to be made and friends have to take sides. How is member against member ever a good thing?
We have another contested election for 3rd vice chairman this year and once again two candidates, both friends, are looking to take one position. 
I know both candidates very well and both have unique qualities that would ensure continued, productive leadership. I just hope that friendships can persevere and hard feelings are soften as time goes on.

Random Thought #2
Having gone from three NAHB board meetings a year to now two I personally am starting to feel a disconnect from NAHB. I get emailed newsletters and updates, take part in sub committee webinars and social media outreach, etc. but it's really not the same feeling of camaraderie. 
I would support going back to a third board meeting but have it in Washington, DC. Traveling to exciting destinations was great but I'm there for the work of the association and I don't have a lot of free time for sight seeing.

Random Thought #3
A few years ago an amendment to the NAHB bylaws, allowing for an associate senior officer (ASO) was defeated. It wasn't the first time this was attempted and who knows if it will ever happen. But I will say this; not too long ago NAHB's board of directors, the very board that defeated the ASO, voted to approve associates being elected to their local's presidency. 

Let me get this straight, NAHB Board; an ASO, as part of a collective, is bad for national because associates are not builders but an associate leading the very foundation of our association is good? 
Ever single builder leader at NAHB's national level came from a local home builders association. What do you think will happen at the national level, of course over time, if you lose builders as presidents?

Random Thought #4
The future structure of NAHB's leadership team is something that has been going through my mind, a lot. Dramatically shrinking the size of the executive board and changing the very nature of the board of directors to a potential advisory board are two of many items on the plate of NAHB these days. 
I haven't taken a firm position on these two particular items but I'm sure I will have a better understanding as we arrive in Washington, DC for mid-year board meetings in June. I will hear the pros and cons and will vote accordingly if it does come to a vote. 

I will say this; there are a lot of members who are on the board of directors and there is only a fraction, of those eligible to vote, that actually attend. If the locals who nominate their members to serve on NAHB's board can't have better attendance, or any attendance, maybe that is where we should start to down size. I'm quite sure after one year, the board's size would be cut in half IF we held those in violation to firm attendance standards.

submitted by Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP

Note: Association Maximization will not be published next week due to my attending the Atlantic Builders Convention in Atlantic City, NJ.
I look forward to NAHB leadership, as well as leadership from surrounding states, all attending. 


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Dianne Beaton said...

Very well said Michael!. Especially on the Board of Directors attendance Random Thought, if they agreed to serve then they should be seated in their Caucus area for each meeting and attend the virtual ones as well. Your thought on the ASO is spot on, while the Associate NAC we discussed this at length I did bring up that very scenario something to ponder....

Thanks for what you do!